Bestiary Project
For this project, Team Goblin Mode created a bestiary that is intended to accompany a tabletop gaming platform. The purpose of the web application is to generate a monster with stats and saves it to a database. The user must login before they can access the monster creator tool. Once logged in, the user can input the monster stats and generate the monster. They will be able to see their created monster on the homepage. Plotly is an outside asset that the group utilized to visualize the monster stats. It is uniquely generated based on the monster it is representing.
Link to deployed application:

Law Office of Maisie A. Barringer
Legal Services
What was your motivation?
When we started brainstorming for this project, Jordan asked if we wanted to create a front-end application for her mother's legal practice. We thought it would be a great, real-world example to code so we went started designing and planning. Ms. Barringer wanted a clean website that emphasized client interaction and provided a list of the services she offers. That being said, there are some parts of this build that act as placeholders for later builds (like the lawyer videos and generic client reviews). In the future, our team can come back to this project and properly implement some of the features that we originally planned to include, like a Google Maps API and a document submisison form, which would allow Ms. Barringer's clients to upload important documents straight to her dropbox.
What problem does it solve?
Our client, Ms. Barringer, has thought about pursuing a career as a personal attorney seperate from her current law firm. The web application we created allows her to begin her new career on the right foot -- with a solid digital foundation and plenty of functionality to assist her new practice as it continues to grow.
What did you learn?
Git --> and a whole lot of it! Git Reset, Git Stash, Git config pull.rebase false ... you name it!
How to work with a team
How to make multiple html pages function together successfully.
Tailwind development
Further API development
Local Storage (Divorce quiz)

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