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"second place is the first winner / i always play as luigi / it's going to be a long road if you think that way", digital, 2021 a.d.

#please #lift #yourself #up

"i'm home / i'll never be the same again", digital, 2021 a.d.

#crocs #are #cozy

"does it make sense?: it's all subjective (who gave u the right)" digital, 2021 a.d.

#cadmiumred #is #a #cool #color

"i won't fuck us over i'm mr. november", digital, 2021 a.d.

" i am the beacon, are you the light?" digital, 2021 a.d.

#let #love #in

"go see eric"

"better days ahead? / drain and filter the mess", digital, 2016–2021 a.d.

"moving on / you will be remembered for keeping the lights on and for those cheap cigars", digital, 2016–2021 a.d.

"climb the ladder / reach the sky", digital, 2015–2021 a.d.

"i will always love you", digital, 2018–2021 a.d.

"pillars / filter our debris / free us from shame / deliver us", digital, 2017–2021 a.d.

"maintain / pure sky / damn us", digital  2017–2021 a.d.

"layer / rebuild / erase", digital, 2013–2021 a.d.

"homoginized / gentrified / for sale /the ruination of identity", digital, 2020 a.d.

"st. peter's in the afternoon / alone in rome", digital, 2013–2021 a.d.

"wave the flag / boycott the cruise ship / cherish our story", digital, 2013–2021 a.d.

"u are enough", digital, 2016–2021 a.d.

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