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I am featured in Season Two of the "Spork in the Road", a podcast that cultivates conversations with creative individuals about their path, craft, and passions. "Spork in the Road" is produced by Rivers Barden Architects in Houston, Texas. Listen to the podcast below and visit to listen to more episodes from Season One and Two. 





Recently, I had the opportunity of being a visiting artist at Baylor University! I presented demonstrations in lithography and intaglio printing and showed a lot of my work. It was a blast working with the students in the print studio where I first learned how to make prints (I was a Baylor Bear ’10).




I wiped a couple of my recent copper plates and showed the students how I wipe, register and print my plates. I printed one plate with a cool black and one that was tinted with red for a warm black.



I quickly transitioned over to the litho press where I printed a recent aluminum ball ground plate in a transparent purple color.





Lastly, I showed and spoke about my work and prints from my collection. I brought a broad range of work from back to my time as an undergraduate student through experiments in graduate school and current work that I made in past year and past few days. I addressed the conceptual ideas in my work as well as my process and approach. I also spoke about my path as a graphic designer and artist after I graduated from undergraduates school up to what I am up to currently.



I was honored to have this exciting opportunity. I am very thankful to Professor Berry Klingman for inviting me and his Intaglio class for their attentiveness and good questions.

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a course in Lithography at Baylor this Spring. The course will cover stone, plate, and photo lithography.


Three Person Exhibition

This summer I exhibited new mixed media works along with Harumi Shimazu (Tokyo, Japan) and Linde Pieper (Houston, TX) at the Nicole Longnecker Gallery in Houston, TX. My new works are smaller in format and utilize new locations from Georgetown, TX along with rock quarries in Bloomington, IN. See the works themselves, along with a few that were not on the walls over on my studio page.

The show was mentioned on Houston Press here.




The exhibition also featured a new limited edition riso printed book, Terra Incognita: Field Notes II, filled with photography and writings on my process and interests. There are still copies available. Please contact the Nicole Longnecker Gallery for pricing.






I recently held an exhibition of Polaroid photographs at Space 12, a shared community building, in Austin, TX. The show was titled “Anticipation.”

Please read a statement about the work below.

"This exhibition features 18 Polaroid pictures taken between 2012 and 2015 in Waco, TX, Portland, OR, Excelsior Springs, MO, New Orleans, LA, Hardin, MO, Gatlinburg, TN and Bloomington, IN. These images speak to a present and resurrected God. God reveals his presence to us in unexpected ways and, like Thomas, we sometimes refuse to acknowledge what is right in front of us.

Working with an Image/Spectra and 600 series cameras, I filter the perceived world through the lens of dated technology and capture the presence of YHWH through the machine. Through the season of Lent, we have learned to slow down our hearts and minds and meditate on the meaning of materiality and our craving for things of this world. The season of Easter rewards a heart in anticipation of the promise of the resurrection. Our culture is impatient and unwilling to wait. Polaroids inherently teach you to wait. I know that the captured image will eventually reveal itself, but requires time to do so. This waiting is critical and can symbolize the hope in a resurrected Christ."


The Shadow (Christ Walks the Earth Once More)
PZ 680 Color Shade



Hall of Waters (YHWH is in the Light)
PZ 680 Color Shade



Grandma (There is Still Time)
PZ 680 Color Shade



Those who arrive survive



I organized a conference sponsored themed portfolio for the SGCI conference in Atlanta in March 2017. The folio is entitled "Those Who Arrive Survive." This portfolio calls upon its participants to produce an artist book utilizing the risographic process.



“Terminus” was introduced in Season 4 of “The Walking Dead” as a safe haven for travelers trying to escape the zombie apocalypse. The group in command of the “safe haven” are cannibals who lure in unsuspecting, optimistic wanderers seeking shelter. They say “Those Who Arrive Survive”, but our heroes soon realize the grim reality of this lie.

“The American Dream” is changing. Or was it always an illusion? 2016’s divisive and contentious presidential election has revealed surprising and conflicting attitudes towards LGBTQ rights, criminal justice reform, poverty relief, racism, police brutality, and immigration. The United States has increasingly become a schizophrenic hotbed of controversy. Is America safe? Or, will we be cannibalized at any moment?

Size of prints: 5.5” x 8.5” artist books, 12 pages minimum including covers.



Seth Daulton

Zachary Carlisle Davidson and Yunjin Woo *collaboration*

Stephanie Gage

Josh Dannin and Sage Perrott *collaboration*

Daniel Ogletree

Neil Daigle Orians

Liz Clayton Scofield


SGCI Portland 2016

I made my way to Portland for SGCI, the annual national and international gathering of printmakers. Daniel Ogletree (Knoxville, TN) and I collaborated on two projects for the conference.

We co-curated a conference sponsored exchange portfolio entitled “You Have Died of Dysentery: The Oregon Trail Revisited.” Below is a synopsis of the portfolio.

“The legacy of the Oregon Trail has been immortalized by the culturally ubiquitous video game of the same name, developed in 1974 by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium. Many Americans who grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s first learned about the hardships of DIY pioneer life and the displacement of Native American communities while playing this game. Although the game is undeniably problematic (one critic has described a 1996 iteration of the game as “sexist, racist, culturally insensitive and contemptuous of the earth”), its decision-based gameplay and pixelated fail-states have nonetheless taught countless young users the value of community, diplomacy, and thoughtful planning and management of resources when life is in flux. As printmaking pioneers from all over the globe convene in Portland for the great Rendezvous of 2016, we will trade not furs but prints and ideas about trailblazing responsibly into the future. Participants are invited to explore the portfolio theme in historical, conceptual, and formal contexts.”

We had an exceptional turnout of prints in the group. The portfolio was on view in the Pacific Northwest College of Art for the duration of the conference.

Portfolio participants included: Luke Ball, Greg Daiker, Josh Dannin, Seth Daulton, Zachary Carlisle Davidson, Raluca Iancu, Vladimir Ivaneanu, Berry Klingman, Adam Leestma, Martin Mazorra, Tim Musso, Daniel Ogletree, Howard Paine, Sage Perrott, Ricardo Ruiz, Humberto Saenz, Jen Scheuer, Hannah Skoonberg, Greg Stone and Chris Wallace.

In addition to the themed portfolio, Daniel and I collaborated on a printed carpet installation: Tweet Your Feet: #fluxcarpet.

“The iconic 27–year-old carpet at Portland International Airport is no more. Printmakers convening from around the world for Flux will tread on brand new threads. The original 1987 carpet design, inspired by the iconography of the airport control tower’s radar screens, has developed a cult following. Its bold geometric pattern and decidedly 80’s color scheme have inspired tattoos, designer clothing, furniture, and official instagram and twitter accounts (#pdxcarpet, @ pdxcarpet). In an era when airport carpets were coordinated primarily in earth tones to hide cigarette butts, designers SRG Architects and The Port of Portland affirmed Portland’s forward-thinking mentality.

#fluxcarpet will greet the feet of printmakers from around the world at various conference loca- tions. A series of screen printed and flocked modular carpet tiles inspired by the aesthetics of the 1987 design, #fluxcarpet is both an homage to Portland’s emerging cultural presence dur– ing the late 1980’s and a critique of the fickle nature of aesthetic taste. Participants are invited to “tweet their feet”at #fluxcarpet in reference to the late #pdxcarpet tradition. Feel free to prance, dance, or nap on this nostalgic real estate – any wear and tear will testify to the passage of time and its impact on art and design.”

Daniel and I printed on pre fabricated carpet swatches at a lake side public park in Hood River, OR 60 miles NE of Portland. We printed a total of 39 carpet swatches and installed the work in the Atrium of the Pacific Northwest College of Art. The installation was up for the duration of the conference where it was susceptible to damage by conference goers tweeting and instagram-ing images of their feet with the carpet.

I'm featured on houston art blog: halt713

I’m honored to receive promotion on Houston area art blog Halt 713.

See the post here:

I relocated to Houston from Indiana this fall and I’m trying to work my into the art scene through pop up shows and markets. This fall/winter I participated in three small markets: The Montrose Print Market at The Museum of Printing History, AIGA Houston’s Design Craft Market and Burning Bones’ Jingle All the Way Day sale. All have been successful. I’ll be posting my next fair on Facebook. Come see me.

VanGo! Museum on Wheels exhibition, Familiar Space

For a good part of 2015 my work “Site III” was involved in Susquehanna Art Museum’s Van Go! Exhibition “Familiar Space.” With a title like “Familiar Space”, I couldn’t resist applying to be in the exhibition. Fortunately, my work was selected and traveled around the northeast in a van converted into an exhibition space.

The prospect of a traveling exhibition was intriguing as the show not isolated at one specific venue. It was a nice corollary to our experience of art in today. We consume art nationally and internationally through the “JPG” images on our coveted art blogs. This opportunity made it possible for the exhibition space to travel to the audience, an interesting and exciting prospect for the artist.

"We travelled far and wide with this show, and I personally loved the opportunity to show your work to our audiences, many of whom will remember this as their very first time seeing and experiencing works of art in person. In total, we counted over 4500 visitors to the show. We visited a number of schools in Harrisburg, Reading, Lancaster, Dauphin, and Adams county. We also made special visits to schools outside of our typical range in Venango County nearby Erie, PA and also a school in Fairfax County, Virginia. During the summer, we visited nearly a dozen arts festivals.”

– Ross Tyger, Special Events Manager, Susquehanna Art Museum


New Host Wanted

Yunjin & Zachary about to reenact osvaldo's "After Big Bang Before Big Crunch" (ETC's One for All in the background)

"A host is affected when occupied by an intruding, unexpected and uninvited parasite similar to how we co-opted a friend's abandoned state prints that we subverted and altered via collage methodology. Our application was further inspired by the game 'Exquisite Corpse' as a rule to produce our imagery separately and unexposed to each other yet with the intent to fuse and attach to a preexisting host."

Zachary Carlisle Davidson and I collaborated yet again on an exquisite parasite drawing-collage for "New Host Wanted" an exhibition of work related to the non-site parasites project of Yunjin La-mei Woo last year. The project dealt witha central theme of the parasite within the context of contemporary art and thought. Participants created works in site specific locations within their immediate area physical, digital or otherwise. Zachary and I created exquisite corpse digital illustrations centering on popular trends on Twitter.

"New Host Wanted" is the first exhibition of the parasitic work and its artists in one gallery.

I finished my end of the collaboration while in residence at Penland School of Crafts. I am spending the summer helping facilitate printmaking, bookmaking, letterpress and paper making classes.

What we produced was entitled "Squatting Corpse" & "Exquisite Squat" two large mixed media collage drawings. We latched onto a fellow colleague's large discarded intaglio proofs and created two new works.

"New Host Wanted" is open through July at the Blueline Gallery in downtown Bloomington, IN.

"Squatting Corpse" & "Exquisite Squat", mixed media drawing and collage

Grace reenacting Kara J. Smidth's "Defracturing"

Wendy B. activating Shannon Novak's "Blueline Gallery Power Socket"

Ralf Sander's "Invisible Sculpture 1" disguised as a street sign.

Ralf Sander's "Invisible Sculpture 2" also disguised as a street sign.

See more images from the opening here via Facebook.







I am excited to share photos from my recent thesis exhibition entitled "Terra Incognita." The show ran from April 8–18th at the Grunwald Gallery of Art in the Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts on Indiana University's campus. I showed nine mixed media works in custom built aspen wood frames. I also made small a risograph printed takeaway book for visitors that compiled source photos, documents, drawings and writings that inspired the work on the walls.

You can view works from the show as well as many others that were not shown on the portfolio page under "Printmaking."



I also gave a brief artist talk speaking to the work's content and production before the opening reception.

"My visual exploration is driven by my phenomenological interaction with travel and the hyper-awareness that occurs when visiting unfamiliar places. I seek out the unanticipated. I create ethereal images that call for an introspective response from the viewer. The artwork serves as a pathway to reach uncharted destinations that defy articulation and are in constant motion. There exists an interstice between our lived experience and memory. My work probes this ambiguous zone and attempts to render its description visually. Ultimately, the destinations I search for are unknowable and just out of reach. However, my artistic search embodies a relevant practice of looking, providing some direction to find their true whereabouts."




DETROIT: finding A new home for our monster

While in Detroit for the Mid America Print Conference, Zach, Matt and I decided to give our monster a final resting place. We explored the abandoned Packard plant, which was a sight to behold: rubble, graffiti and hollowed out structures on a monumental scale.

Finding a clean wall was near impossible. We ended up choosing a spot in the inside of one of the many buildings. May it rest in peace.


Just sent my work for a show entitled "AnAmnesis of Place” showcasing printmakers at Indiana University and University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The show will be up for a couple weeks at the UNCC Row Side Gallery.


Monster collaboration

Matthew Batty, Zachary Carlisle Davidson and I collaborated to create a giant monster built of wheat pasted silkscreen prints for the CONNECTIONS collaborative exhibition for the Fuller Project space at the McCalla sculpture annex. We were inspired by Dennis McNett’s recent visit to campus for his installation of “Wolfbat Offerings: Blooming Grove and the Luck of the Cardinal” at the Grunwald Gallery of Art which we all had a hand in helping with. McNett was a very motivating person to work with!

We started creating the beast in the afternoon and it carried late into the night fueled by tacos and brews. We had a lot of fun putting our heads together and creating something exciting, ambitious and very different than the work we typically make. Below are some images of the finished install and details of the monster.

Monster collaboration

Monster collaboration

Monster collaboration

Monster collaboration

Monster collaboration


I just returned from fabulous and scenic Vermillion, South Dakota for Frogman's Printmaking Workshops. I recommend traveling up there and taking a course or two if you have a couple weeks free next summer. I worked as an assistant for three weeks setting up and running the printmaking workshops with eleven other talented folks at the University of South Dakota. I met some awesome/crazy/inspiring folks, saw tons of great prints, sang some karaoke, costume-bowled and, of course, made some prints. I assisted Susan Goldman in her monotype course and took Michael Barnes' stone lithography course. I was able to learn some exciting new tricks in each class that I plan to continue integrating into my process as I approach my thesis show in the spring.

I posted a group of new lithographs and monotypes that I made during the workshops over on the portfolio page. Check em' out and enjoy.


Heads up summer B-towners...myself and a slew of other talented art folk are a part of a Zachary Carlisle Davidson curated show: "Syncopated: Off-Beat and En Pointe" featuring 2D work from artists in Bloomington. The opening is tomorrow, Friday, June 6th from 5–8pm at the Blueline Gallery (224 N. College Ave.). Drinks/food will be provided. The show will be up for two months. I will have a new work entitled Edificio/Colosseo on the scene (see image below). Come out and show your support!


Some high resolution images of the MFA Group Exhibition. The show embodied the exciting artistic output from the graduate students at the school of art. I also just added two of the larger mylar drawings to the portfolio page that were included in the show: "Colosseo Gesto" and "Vesuvio, il Fuoco di Fuoco." I plan on submitting these works to some national drawing shows. Fingers crossed!


The new MFA group show is installed, open and looks SPECTACULAR. There is an invigorating variety of skill and thought that went into each of the works in the show. If you have a chance to check it out, I highly recommend it!

The show is up until March 1st. The Grunwald Gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday, noon - 4:00 pm. Closed Sunday and Monday. There is opening reception from 6-8pm this Friday, February 21st.

Side note, my work is featured on the email announcement and click through website (in the header)! I’m very honored to have this exposure. I'm not gonna lie, it looks GOOD on there. Ha.

New drawings / mfa group show install

I just installed some new work this morning for the Grunwald Gallery's MFA group show. The show features new work by all of the non graduating MFA students. I chose to show some new color drawings that were done on paper and mylar with paint, graphite, colored pencils and markers.

I hung the work with magnets on nails out from the wall. The effect adds to the delicacy of the material I used to create the work. The pictures float effortlessly and really establish their presence.

I'll be posting better installation images after the show oficially opens next week. Below are images of new works in the same vein as those captured above (the first is in the show, "Tom Krell"). See them over on the Portfolio page as well.

Anybody else need a portfolio site?

I recently finished a portfolio site for a painter and visiting assistant professor here at Indiana University, Gabriel Phipps. Phipps hails from New York, by way of Boston, where he is represented by the John Davis Gallery in New York City. His work has been reviewed in Art in America, Structure and Imagery and Painter’s Table. We were both very pleased with the final result: a site that exudes a clean and contemporary look while exhibiting his diverse and strong body of work.

View the site here:

View more images from the site here:

If you are in need of a site to display your work, I do take comissions and have excellent customer service!


There was a reception yesterday afternoon for the National Society of Arts and Letters' "Emerging Artists Show" at the beautiful Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts center. The show awarded $5000 in cash prizes to participating artists in the exhibition. I was honored to receive two prizes for my works in the show. I was awarded an unbelievable $900 cash prize for my large drawing “Excavation" pictured in the top image. I was also awarded a $250 gift card to Pygmalion’s, a local art store here in Bloomington, for my mixed media print “Torso” pictured in the lower image, far right on the wall. I am very excited that my new work is being well received. I can’t wait to get back in the studio and keep making!

The show will be up for the rest of the month. Please make time to check it out if you are in town.

New shows this Winter/Spring

I am looking forward to this upcoming season as I am exhibiting work in four different places in the US. Currently two of my works are on display in Bloomington, IN at the Ivy Tech Waldron Arts Center as part of the National Society of Arts and Letters Emerging Artists Exhibition.

Coming up this month, I'll have three works in the exhibition "Print Makers" down south in Georgetown, Texas (outside Austin) at The Georgetown Art Center. The exhibition is in collaboration with the event Print Austin 2014 celebrating local, national and international printmaking. More details can be found here:

Next, I will have two works featured in a show entitled "Au Naturale: The Nude in the 21st Century" in Astoria, OR (see poster above). The exhibit is at the Art Center Gallery at Clatsop Community College. More details and exhibited artwork can be discovered here:

Lastly, I will have one work on display in "Paper in Particular", a works on paper exhibit at Columbia College in Columbia, MO. I'm very excited to show in these new communities. If you are around any of these places, please stop by and see the art!


"The fundamental application of pigment on a surface is core to both printmaking and painting.
However, historically they have been differentiated. Although we find this division to be superficial
we have continued to conform within our media specific roles. These roles are reinforced by the
structure of our academic setting. Our collaboration attempts to bridge a departmental divide by
directly utilizing both painting and printmaking in every work in the show.

“Undivided: Painting/Printmaking” is a group show representing the graduate painting and
printmaking departments at Indiana University. The show would consist of a variety of media all
completed by individual artists working through various ideas. The content of the work is specific to
each artist’s personal practice, but unified through the hybrid applications of these two disciplines.
Each artist will present one large work or two to three small works."

"UNDIVIDED: PaintingPrintmaking" opens this Friday at The Fuller Project Space.
Come out and see the hybrid works crafted by MFAs you know and love!





I'm getting pretty close to the halfway point here at IU. Things are starting to come together.

Above are some new forays into print and drawing. I've been working on a much larger scale with my drawings. The top image, "Excavation" is 56" x 42.25." Not shown is the massive "Untitled (Gathering)" clocking in at 93" x 69." Both are charcoal on paper. I am enjoying the extra space for the interplay of loose and refined marks. I am excited to start some new large drawing projects. See more new work in the "Printmaking" and "Drawing" sections over on the Portfolio page.

NEW Monotypes and mixed Media works




I've been busy this fall experiementing with color lithographs and color monotypes. I have posted the above images as well as several others over on the "Portfolio" page.


Had some time to shoot and reshoot work from my first year of study before returning to Texas. Check out the new work over on the "Portfolio" page. I replaced a few images. See if you can tell!


A big thank you to all who showed up for our Four (IV) show. It was great to see everyone cut loose and have a great time. The Fuller Project Space proves to be a great on campus location to show work. It's relaxed nature lends to some very interesting and fun experiences on Friday nights for us show-hopping enthusiasts. A special thanks to the hilarious comedy duo, James Draper and James Ngneihm, for very side-spliting stand up sets. Below are some shots from the opening along with some of the work.

The other artists and I utilized a giant antique frame that we found in the printshop for a huge collaborative collage piece.

Zachary Davidson created a race track for the show complete with motorized characters on skateboards and vehicles. They roamed around the gallery floor throughout the night.

A shot of Jody Mitchell's work.

A shot of my wall in the show. I included a color reductive woodcut, an etching, a drawing and a monotype silkscreen.

Adam showed several monotype drawings and a color reductive woodcut.

A large collage of collages by Jody Mitchell.

A custom beer design installation piece by Zachary Davidson. Gallery goers could purchase one of the custom beers, drink it and either keep it or return it to the skateboard deck shelf.

Visiting Artist: Kathryn Polk

Last weekend, we had the wonderful opportunity of working with a feverishly active lithographer, Kathryn Polk. We helped her print an edition of 50. She got to Bloomignton on Friday, drew her key image on her stone, worked out her color smart plates and we started printing the next morning. Her work is very clean and full of personal symbology. She uses tints of colors that overlay and mix that give her a broad color palette in her final prints. See some of her work on her blog:

Proper sponging by yours truly.

It was a team effort–all weekend.

That's a Jody Mitchell roll there...quality.

We printed four runs over the course of the weekend. Polk works backwards with her color. She prints dark to light. She prefers this counter intuitive color process because she likes how her transparent colors sit on the surface of her key run.

Polk's key drawing on the stone. She uses Paste Wax for her second etch instead of the tradtional lithotine, asphaltum and water method.

First run - The key image

Second run - light pink

50 prints can be slow and arduous sometimes.

Run three and four. Tan and hand burnished red on the thread. We ended the weekend with Polk here. She intends to finish the edition at home by adding a few more colors.

The finished print with additonal color runs added.

Polk was a great person to work with. Very patient with diligent attention to detail. She inspired me to work on stones very soon!

UPCOMING: IV (Four) show

Attention all lovers of print media! The first year printmakers and I announce IV (Four), a collaborative one night only show featuring four works by four artists from four different walks of life. Exhibiting artists include Adam Rake, Zachary Davidson, Jody Mitchell and Seth Daulton. The opening takes place on Friday, April 12th from 7:30-9:30PM at the Fuller Project space in the McCalla School. I hope you can join us for this exciting aesthetic existential awakening!

MFA Group Exhibtion

The non-graduating MFA students and I just finished showing at the on-campus Grunwald Gallery of Art. Participating mediums included printmaking, painting, cermaics, sculture, mixed media, photography, jewelry/metalsmithing, graphic design and digital art. It was strong, eclectic mix of work from a variety of creative minds. The show was exciting and gave us all a chance to see what eachother have been working on since beginning our grad school voyage.

I finished a couple new projects for the show. One was a body of 14 unique silkscreens inspired by a Polaroid shot of a colleague. I used this project to get back into the silkscreen process. I utilized various techniques including CMYK separations, photo emulsion, drawing fluid and stencils. The piece was titled "The Renaissance and Order: Impressions I-XIV or Likeness of Adam in XIV Impressions (I-XIV)." Each of the silkscreens measure 11" x 15."

My other piece in the show was an installation incorportating a small body of Polaroid collages, a table, a stool and desk light. The work is entitled "Through the Inadequate Lense: Reflections of the Life of the Artist." When held up to light, the Polaroid collages reveal different textures, under-drawing and hidden photographs. Involving light so directly in my work was exciting new territory to explore.

I am preparing for another show coming up in April. The first year printmaking grads and I have organized a one night only show at The Fuller Project space, a student run gallery in the sculpture satellite building on Indiana University's campus. Each of us will be showing four works from our first year of study at IU. The show goes up and comes down Friday, April, 14th.

Co Cognition

Co Cognition had a great turnout. We surprised those in attendance at the opening with a performance piece/installation. The performance aspect of the work was a frist for Zach and I and we had a lot of fun putting it together. With the help of a friend, we captured some of the experience on video to share with those who missed it. View the video below via Vimeo. I've also posted images of works from the show including our large collaborative woodcut and the completed performance installation. View these over on the portfolio page. Thank you Bloomington for the support!

Co Cognition Performance from Seth Daulton on Vimeo.

performer/observer II

Permormer/Observer II

Just finished up another color lithograph, "Performer/Observer II". This one ended up being 4 runs built of a photo plate (flat), a manier noir stone drawing and an aluminum ball ground plate drawing. I got some wet-rejection problems on my thrid run, which yeilded a salty color. I double-dropped the run with a deep green and resolved the issue. The image actually stems from some of the Polaroids I shot during Zach and I's Co Cognition performance, during our show. BTW, You can still check out the show! It's up till January 25th. See details below.


So Zach and I are prepping for our Bloomingtion debut show at the Blueline Gallery, a nice space operated by a design agency . That's our card (above) which is letterpress printed. The featured print is a small collaborative effort foreshadowing something grander. We will be showing new prints, drawings, collages and intallation work. The show opens December, 7th with a reception from 5:30–8pm. You'll want to go to the me. The show will be up till January 25th. Come by and check out some of our work!

"Cerebral Architect"

I just wrapped up a large format litho. At 22" x 30," with four color runs, it was a time killer. I'm happy with the electricity of the color, especially when it starts to vibrate in certain areas of the image. Printing was an adventure. I was using the largest roller in the shop, which is nothing but fun to ink, roll, blend and carry around with control. However, I must say that the printing process goes really quick, expecially when there is only 7 prints in the run (including the B.A.T). Next step is to finish up some etchings and another color litho!


New polaroids

I just posted a wave of new Polaroids over on the portfolio page. These are from my last days in Waco and first few months in my new home in Bloomington. They range from figurative to landscape and architecture. I can't get enough of the color variety I get out of the Impossible Project film. Be on the lookout for more new images coming soon. I am currently shooting another expired pack. Most of them will utilize double exposure.

Edifice III

Edifice III

I just finished a labor intensive four color lithograph with chine colle entitled "Edifice III." The print measures 22" x 18.5." I made an edition of 11 with B.A.T. The print was made from a ball-ground aluminum plate, a photo plate and a beautiful square grey stone. I thought I was all finished with it when I printed my third color (warm red). However, a helpful suggestion from my professor, a Tamarind trained litho expert, I preservered and monotyped the last color over the structure using a brayer.